frozen yogurt strawberry bars recipe

Frozen Yogurt Bars

And a talk about a color blind life

no bake frozen yogurt strawberry bars


For the Base

  • 250 g rolled oats
  • 250 g oat flour
  • 200 g almonds, finely chopped
  • 3 small Golden apples
  • 100 g dried plums, stoned
  • 100 g raisins
  • 10 g fresh ginger

For the Filling

  • 1 Kg yogurt, full-fat and unsweetened
  • 500 g strawberries
  • 100 g honey

For the Topping

  • 300 g strawberries
  • 100 g almonds, roughly chopped


For the Base

→ Line a 25x35cm baking sheet with foil.


→ Put apples, ginger, plums and raisins in a stand mixer and blend until it has a fine creamy-like texture.


→ Stir in oats, flour, almonds until everything is well combined.


→ Transfer the dough into the baking sheet and evenly flatten it with your hands.

For the Filling and Topping

→ Place 500g of sliced strawberries into a bowl and mix together with yogurt and honey, then pour them on the flattened dough and spread it out evenly.


→ Top with the remaining strawberries and almonds.


→ Freeze until completely firm (3-4 hours).

Serve and store the Yogurt Bars

→ Remove from the freeze and cut into bars.


→ Store the yogurt bars in the freezer for up to 4 weeks.

Creative talk

I’m color blind. I’ve always had an issue with colors. When I was a child, I lived with the fear of getting colors wrong and being ridiculed. Growing up, it never entirely left me, but I learned to correct mistakes and live with them when they happen. For a long time, it kept me away from what later became a great passion of mine: taking photographs. During high school, the only times I heard about color were physics lessons, a more scientific view of the topic that was far from addressing the problem I perceived. Then, one day, while talking to a friend, the topic of color blindness came up. Her enthusiastic and ecstatic reaction to the idea that I might see a world with different colors renewed my desire to investigate this condition.


I found myself exploring very interesting theories: relativity, deception, nuances, and color blends. But still, nothing convincing enough to solve the problem. Then, stumbled upon some pages about vision as a sense according to Plato, and there I found the inspiration for a perspective change. For him, sight and thought are the means to harmony between man and nature. The eye perceives colors through light, and sight, just like our soul, enables one to reach and understand the truth.

My truth is simply made of different colors.


Talking about truth, there isn’t a universal one if you are trying to answer ‘which frozen bar is the best?’ My favorite is strawberries and almonds, but I recommend you to experiment in search of your perfect combo.


— Leo


→ If you want to investigate more about Color perception, here is the book I mentioned:

Appiano, A. (1993). La percezione del colore. Comunicazione Visiva (pp. 130-131). Torino: UTET Università.

keep wandering

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