more about us


We are Ambra, Tea and Leonardo - creatives, foodies and siblings - and this is a recipe book about our inner journey. We hope you, too, will find food for creative thoughts.


Food and Creativity?

In our eyes food and creativity represent both a tool and a purpose, deeply connected to one another.
Creativity is a nourishing act. Choosing to perform our skill in a creative way reflects our will to serve others with unique and inspiring vision (insight).
Food is a creative act. Committing to making beautiful and nutritious meals reminds us daily how we want our creative process to be (fun and free) and why we create (to make others feel taken care of).

Why the blog?

We often find ourselves engaging in metacognitive chats about creative lessons we experienced, read or heard about. In these moments, which typically take place around the dinner table, we provide each other with much needed inspiration and motivation. We would love to extend these conversations to an audience of like-minded readers/fellow creatives.

What are Awe, Flow and Eunoia?

They are the key stages of our creative process.

Awe is how we reframe our thoughts, with never-ending wonder and enthusiasm towards the world.

Flow is how we feel at work, so lost in our bubble we forget about our sorroundings.

Eunoia is how we approach our time off work, as a chance to replenish our creative energy.
We do our best to nourish each of these aspects (sense of wander, creative work and free time) in order to achieve a work-life balance that can keep our creativity from burning out.


What do you do for a living?

We are the founders of Anagramma Studio, a creative firm that designs imageries for brands, both visually (Content Creation) and conceptually (Marketing Strategy).

Siblings AND colleagues. How do you manage?

Work-life balance is especially relevant to us. That is how it all started!

Where do you live?

Take a guess 🤌

Favorite food?

A: Spaghetti with summer tomatoes sauce and fresh basil.

T: Hummus with roasted vegetables and seeded sourdough bread.

L: 18-month Parmigiano Reggiano P.D.O. On its own.